La Tonnellerie Baron

140 years of passion in service to exceptional wines

  • Our history

    1875 - 2016: Time for Men

    Guardians of an ancestral knowledge of excellence, Baron coopers in their workshop feed the finesse and elegance of this unique art that is cooperage. A historical, artistic, and emotional contribution is made that enhances each barrel in a collective fellowship of craftsmen trained in the rigorous standards upheld by Baron.

    Precise measurement, deft handwork, and a sharp eye for detail ... Perfect mastery of this rare combination of traditional skills and techniques that Baron teaches, nurtures, and transmits while simultaneously balancing our position at the forefront of innovation.

  • Baron's style

    Between tradition and high-tech

    Anxious to maintain the complex and sensual relationship symbolized by wine and barrels, Tonnellerie Baron, reinvents itself by investing in R & D, and boosting creativity. Its latest innovations, Oxoline®, a barrel racking system and Vinification Integrale®, a patented system of red grape fermentation, are sweeping the cooperage industry without sacrificing our sacred tradition.

    Works of high-tech art, Tonnellerie Baron barrels are made to respect the soul of the wine and support the aspirations of the winemaker. Whether Center of France, Tronçais, Premium or Culte, each brings this additional complexity, depth, and aromatic power. without being dominant, that allows the wine to exhibit its best self, to be true to its origins, and realize its potential.

  • Our selection of woods and forests

    Traceability and quality

    Since 1875, we have produced barrels to support the greatest wines. Because the characteristics of a barrel’s profile is a function of proper tree selection, and proper maturation of that wood, we believe that the pre-crafting care of source wood is fundamental to producing barrels with noble tannin profiles and remarkable complexity. Our savoir faire in this process has evolved over 140 years of care, tradition, and endless incremental improvement.

    We select only the best oaks in the forests, before the traditional auction purchase. Barrels are crafted by our technicians in our own facilities, from the oak trunks to the final barrel, to ensure you a consistent process through the years. We are one of few coopers to propose a selection of nine wood origins, blends.

    Because of our «human size» cooperage, we have intentionally designed our production process to allow our artisan coopers to engage fully in handcrafting each barrel we produce, giving maximum respect to their work, and our clients.

    Our cooperage is using a unique technique for barrel toasting, to achieve consistency from barrel to barrel and year to year. Moreover, we keep a complete tracking history of wood lots to achieve this consistency.

    To contribute to the sustainable management of forest resources, Tonnellerie Baron has committed to meet the requirements set forth by the PEFC international program. This commitment reflects our concern for environmental protection, production transparency, and also for our customer’ assurance on the origen of source wood. Through this approach, Tonnellerie Baron can guarantee uninterrupted monitoring of certified raw materials from the forest to the end customer.

  • The team

    Professionals at your service

    Renowned for its creativity, its ability to innovate with the OXOline and Vinification Integrale and the excellence of its craftsmen, Tonnellerie Baron occupies a unique place , exclusive and avant-garde in the circle of French Cooperages.

    Fully independent , Tonnellerie Baron continues a historic family tradition.

    Aware that its staff is the heart of the business, Tonnellerie Baron gives priority to the training of artisans. In the workshop, production processes are constantly being improved and many skills are developed , updated, and regularly acquired to ensure the highest quality.

Our history

1875 - 2016: Time for Men

Discover our history

Baron's style

Between tradition and high-tech

Discover the Baron style

Our selection of woods and forests

Traceability and quality

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The team

Professionals at your service

Discover the team

Discover our exeptional products

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A family-owned business for five generations.

Tonnellerie Baron, one of the oldest cooperages in the Charentes region of France, was established in 1875 by Henry Baron. Located in the heart of the Cognac region, its workshop has a long history of supplying the famous Cognac Houses and the Grands Châteaux of the Bordeaux vineyards.

The inherited knowledge of hand-craftmanship along with industrial advances to enhance efficiency, have allowed Tonnellerie Baron to emerge as one of France’s elite cooperages. We are dynamic and responsive, adapting wood sources and toasting protocols to fit with client needs as they are continually honed and refined

Key dates

1875 : Founding of the cooperage by Henry Baron.

1900 : Assumption of cooperage operations by the second génération of the family, Samuel Baron.

1930 : Assumption of cooperage opérations by the third génération of the family, Louis and Maurice Baron.

1975 : Assumption of cooperage opérations by the fourth génération of the family, Francois Baron.

1996 : Assumption of cooperage opérations by the fifth génération, Xavier Baron (Director of Production) et Nicolas Tombu (Director of Development).

1999 : Invention of the OXOline barrel stacking system.

2001 : A third associate joins the team, Lionel Kreff (Sales Director).

2002 : Commencement of distribution in USA, Vinitech awards the Golden Trophy to OXOline for Innovation.

2003 : Invention of the Vinification Integrale barrel fermentation system, Commencement of distribution in Spain.

2004 : New distribution network established in South America.

2005 : Launch of the Premium barrel, Commencement of distribution in South Africa.

2006 : Launch of the Culte barrel, Commencement of distribution in Bulgaria.

2007 : New distribution network established in Italy.

2009 : Inauguration of new Tonnellerie Baron production workshop, A fourth associate joins the team Sebastian Lane (Managing Partner USA), Start up of re-designed in-house stave mill Grande Chene.

2010 : Commencement of distribution in Portugal and Australia.

2014 : Development of a proprietary computer tracking system for toasting protocols. The result is optimized barrel-to-barrel reproduction for each toast profile.

2015 : Baron Cooperage celebrates 140 years of existence. The Culte 140 barrel, a special commemorative limited edition, is unveiled.

Baron's style

Our highest objective in handercrafting our products is to preserve your terroir , your hard work in the vineyard and cellar, and delicately accompany your wines in their maturation.

The ongoing professional exchange we have with winemakers in diverse regions globally has enabled us to refine our product line to suit the needs of the world’s foremost standards.


The Baron style is expressed in 4 categories :


  • Center of France
    • RED Selection - Fruit preservation, volume, moderate impact on structure, nice sweetness on finish.
    • WHITE Selection - Enhancement of freshness and minerality, subtle hot bread aromas.


  • Tradition Allier - Forest Select
    • Fruit preservation, emphasizing fresh red fruit spectrum and minerality. Focuses existing fruit profile and supports seamless midpalate and long finish while giving some fresh bakery aromas.


  • Premium Series
    • RED Selection - Fruit preservation, enhancement of creaminess and palate texture, complexity, spice, brioche, and fresh baked pastry aromas.
    • WHITE Selection - Minerality, preservation of fruit, creaminess, and bakery aromas.


  • Culte Series
    • RED Selection - Limited production. For long lived, luxury wines necessitating a minimum of 18 months barrel ageing. Fat, density, and creaminess while respecting the fruit.
    • WHITE Selection - Limited production. For long lived, luxury wines necessitating a minimum of 18 months barrel ageing. Fat, minerality, freshness, while respecting the fruit.

Our selection of woods and forests.

ALLIER: very fine-grained and air dried for 24 to 36 months. Very widely used for aging red and white wines, this wood is known for the very fine tannic structure and complex aromatic range it brings. To be reserved for rich, well structured wines. Possibility of natural drying 36 months on request.

INDRE ET LOIRE: fine-grained and air dried for 24 to 36 months. Very complementary to oak from Loiret, it is generally recommended for aging red wines. It preserves the fruit and shows a tight, fine tannic structure while bringing a very distinctive elegant aroma. Possibility of natural drying 36 months on request.

LOIRET: semi-fine to fine grained and air dried for 24 to 36 months. This very polyvalent wood is often appreciated during various red or white wine tastings. It is known for its very well blended hints of Viennese pastry, warm bread and vanilla. To the mouth it brings oiliness, volume, suppleness and sucrosity. Possibility of natural drying 36 months on request.

VOSGES: very fine-grained and air dried for 24 to 36 months. This wood is particularly well suited to white wine vinification. It brings vivacity, oiliness and subtle woody aromas (brioche, vanilla…). Possibility of natural drying 36 months on request.

NIÈVRE: fine-grained and air dried for 24 to 36 months. This wood is generally used to vinify and age white wines. Its mellow aromatic range preserves the wines vivacity and freshness. Possibility of natural drying 36 months on request.

TRONÇAIS: very fine-grained and air dried for 24 to 36 months. Coming from a famous 10,400 hectare forest in Allier, east of the Cher valley, this wood is a model of elegance and delicacy. It underlines the aromas of red and white wines while giving them roundness, suppleness, oiliness and complexity. Possibility of natural drying 36 months on request.

The team


  • xavier_b_0.jpg

    Xavier Baron Production Manager / Co-owner

  • nicolas_t_0.jpg

    Nicolas Tombu Development Manager / Co-owner

  • lionel_k_0.jpg

    Lionel Kreff Sales Manager / Co-owner

  • sebastian_l_0.jpg

    Sebastian Lane Sales / Co-owner

  • pierre_alexandre_s_0.jpg

    Pierre Alexandre Simonnet Logistic Manager

  • pauline_c_0.jpg

    Pauline Coumet Marketing & Sales

  • fabrice_p_0.jpg

    Fabrice Pajeau Sales & oenologist

  • chauvet.jpg

    Jeff Chauvet Sales

  • dauzet.jpg

    Marie-Mai Dauzet Office manager

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