At Tonnellerie Baron, we are inspired daily by the desire to minimize the carbon footprint of our activity and by the will to show the way to the new generations.

Our common sense guides us towards an environmental policy that is permanent, to guarantee the longevity and quality of our products, and also the work of the men and women who produce them.

For this reason, we are choosing from 2018 onward to take a number of concrete actions in support of the preservation of the environment and commit our responsibility to our employees, our customers and the generations of tomorrow.

Membership in the Plantation for the Future Endowment Fund reinforces the current action plan.

Plantation for the Future Endowment Fund

Founded in 2014, Plantons pour l’Avenir, is an innovative Endowment Fund in service to great projects of sustainable development. It pursues a general interest mission that supports reforestation projects for a bright future. Its mission is defined by 3 main actions :

1_ Planting

Since its founding, Plantons pour l’Avenir has supported more than 247 projects and reforested nearly 1500 hectares to insure the future of French forests. By its commitment, it fights again climate change, makes sustainable the employment in the rural environment and creates resources that are necessary to supply French wood to industries.

2_ Information

As part of an awareness-raising and training policy on societal and economic issues of forests, the organization provides companies and people with information through events and educational days. These actions aim to train young people as craftspeople in promising sectors, raise public awareness of reforestation, accustom forest managers to sustainable development and pass on these values to the next generations.

3_ Innovation

Plantons pour l’Avenir supports research and development and is committed to innovative fields such as silviculture and biotechnology. For example, the organization finances projects to develop reforestation, new techniques, improve tree genetics, and adapt to climate change.

Tonnellerie Baron, patron of Plantons pour l’Avenir since 2018, is proud to have contributed to the reforestation of 20 hectares of forest, planted 25,000 trees and created 51 jobs in the sector.
(Source : june 2020)