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Tonnellerie Baron, fabricant de barriques en bois de chêne



It is by observing the work of winegrowers that Tonnellerie Baron reinvents itself, invests in R&D, increases its creativity tenfold…

Oxoline®, a system of barrel supports, and Vinification Intégrale®, a patented method of fermentation, revolutionize the world of cooperage without sacrificing anything to tradition.

The latest innovation, the Integral Expandable Drain, a secure barrel closure system, once again testifies to the unrivaled vision and passion for the art of cooperage.

Innovation Tonnellerie Baron
Vinification Intégrale

Vinification Intégrale®,
Fermentation technique for red wines in barrels

Vinification Intégrale®, is a barrel dedicated to all stages of vinification for delicate extraction and unequaled aromatic complexity.

Barrel storage optimization solution

Oxoline® facilitates the management of your barrels, increases your storage capacity and improves quality.

Vinification Intégrale

Integral Expandable Drain,
for the secure closing of your barrels.

Developed and patented by Tonnellerie Baron, the bung is the result of two years of research and development. Many tests have been completed to bring maximum satisfaction to our customers.

The materials used that contact the wine have been the subject of numerous laboratory tests to obtain an irreproachable sanitary conditions. The results of the analysis are available upon request.