Born from the craft of coopers and their knowledge in great wine aging and Vinification Intégrale© *, ALMA is the fusion of ceramic and oak in an ovoid format.

This new concept, created by our design office on site, offers a unique solution for the fermentation and aging of red or white wines.

ALMA is the perfect symbiosis between the complexity of oak and the precision of ceramic to preserve the purity of the fruit.

Designed to enhance the infusion of the marc and increase the exchange surface of the berries and the must, ALMA allows the alcoholic fermentation process to take place with a minimum of intervention.

Its capacity of 400 L makes it possible to naturally reach ideal fermentation temperatures.

ALMA is the audacious association of natural materials, know-how and technologies, with the sole intention

of making wines raised with benevolence.

*Patent registered in 2003

Design and Production : France Drone Production & Other Stories Production

Sound design : France Drone Production

Project : Piment Blanc Communication